Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anna Watson, Georgia cheerleader

Cheerleaders are mostly known for their lithe and wiry builds that allow them to be tossed to dizzying heights during pep rallies.

But University of Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson puts that stereotype to shame, proudly displaying incredibly sculpted arm muscles.

She was even looking at a $75,000 fitness modelling contract, before realising that the exhausting workout regimen and taking legal steroids just wasn’t worth it.

She started weightlifting at her first college, Hawaii Pacific, after she found that cardio wasn’t helping her do stunts and routines and caused her to lose a dramatic 35 pounds. That’s when friends and friends suggested she started lifting weights.

During her fitness heyday, Ms Watson would consume more than 3,000 calories a day, working out for hours on end, dead lifting 230 pounds and doing bicep curls with 35-pound weights.

Despite drinking 900-calorie protein shakes and eating bowls of rice, dozens of eggs, chicken, and vegetables, she had a difficult time putting on the necessary bulk she wanted.

A modelling agent took notice and encouraged her to take Anavar, a legal anabolic steroid. She told Ms Watson that she needed to put on around 50 more pounds of muscle to be signed.

She tried bulking up, but only gained ten pounds in four weeks, according to student newspaper That’s where the crash diet came in. She always ate though she was never hungry.

At her strongest, she could bench press 155 pounds, and squat 255, but still, she could not match the picture of the woman who took steroids.

She said that the modelling company told her several times that she was just a business venture.

‘They even told me that several times, “We just want to get you started so we can make money off of you,” and I’m like, “I understand that, but I am a person.”’

Finally, Ms Watson, a member of a local Georgia church, decided to consult Hugh Kirby, a former national power lifting champion and member of her home church.

'I think it’s really important to stay grounded and know who you are and knowing that shaping your bicep is not going to shape your personality.'

He advised her against it. She also wondered what the effects of steroids would have on her body long-term, especially when she wanted to have children.

‘I know that my identity is not in working out,’ Ms Watson told ‘My life is not all about exercise and working out.

‘I think it’s really important to stay grounded and know who you are and knowing that shaping your bicep is not going to shape your personality.’

She gave up her potential modelling contract with Elite Models and stopped obsessing about her weight and bulking up.

According to, she’s hoping to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic over spring break.

Despite turning down the opportunity and toning down her workout, Ms Watson boasts some seriously toned limbs.

She works out five times a week by herself and three times with the cheer squad.

She’s not currently cheering though – Ms Watson ruptured her Achilles tendon last week. However, sports still play a prominent role in Ms Watson’s life.

The 5ft10 student is studying exercise and sports science and hopes to become a personal trainer.

She competed as a gymnast for ten years before becoming a cheerleader in high school.

Anna Watson, Georgia cheerleader Gallery Pics

Anna Watson had a 50-pound weight swing in the last year. She’s eaten 900-calorie mass gainer shakes, mixed with milk and peanut butter. She’s bench pressed 155 pounds. She’s sculpted four inches of muscles on her arms in ten months — naturally.
She’s been on the cusp of a $75,000 fitness-modeling contract.

She’s obsessed over working out, leaving her miserable and tired.

She left behind that possible modeling career after a suggestion for her to use a legal steroid.

She drank only a sip of alcohol before her 21st birthday, and that came at communion.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quote Of The Day: Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall, who is best known for her role as sexy (some might say hypersexualized) Samantha on ‘Sex and the City,’ admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that her book, ‘Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm,’ has not exactly done wonders for her dating life.

“I’m trying [to date]; it’s very difficult. Writing a book about the female orgasm didn’t help my dating career either.

“You would think [writing the book would help her dating life], but men like to think that they know it all, especially in that department.”

I never thought of that drawback: LOL!

Tara Reid Hits The Star Magazine Party

I have to admit, I was worried about Tara Reid with some of the pictures of her partying after her time in rehab, but she looks great here, doesn’t she?

Maybe her relationship with Michael Lillelund is having a stabilizing influence on her.

Paris Hilton Stays In Shape

I wonder if former BFFs Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie belong to the same gym? I’m guessing not: that may just be too awkward.

But you can see some similarities between them: they both clearly like pink. I have to say, though, I think Nicole’s pink bag is slightly more sophisticated than Paris’ pink earphones. But to each her own, right?

Besides, there’s “nothing” like Paris.

Adriana Lima on Her Pregnancy: ‘I did gain a lot of weight’

VS Angel and hot mom Adriana Lima brings a little quote today:
“I was really worried, I did gain a lot of weight – let’s say more than 25 pounds. I ate whatever I wanted – my daughter was my first priority. I tried to keep her healthy, eat healthily, and exercise but not too much. I did light walks and things like that. My first advice is not to eat sugar and oil – that will help a lot. But if you get stressed about it, it is not good for you and you won’t lose weight. Even if you are working out and you’re on a diet, you are not going to lose weight.”
… says Adriana Lima

Miranda Kerr – Thin and Cleavagey New Mom

Miranda Kerr is back! Here she is at club L in LA last night, looking all smiley, thin and cleavagey, less than 3 months after giving birth.

Red hot!

Stay tunned for pictures of thin Candice from this event and check some more after the jump!